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Chrissy & Tiffany ,Gurlz Jus' Wanna Hab Fun Site.

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About Me


Chrissy's favorite song iz "My Special Angel",
'cause that's what meowmie calls me.
Favorite movie is "That Darn Cat",
de original version.
Favorite food is Tuna & egg.
Favorite pasttime having my milk with dad,
 when he eats his cereal.
Favorite place, at the head of the bed
where I give meowmie kisses at night.


Tiffany's favorite song is "Daddy's Little Girl" cause that's what I am!
Her favorite movie is "The Incredible Journey", the original version.
Her favorite food is rice krispies, with dad when he eats.
Her favorite pasttime is sleeping on the bed by dad.
Her favorite place is dad's body massager, to sleep on.